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Joint-stock company Beidewind main scope of activity is:

1. Production emergency salvage appliances for ships.
2. Custom tailoring from tarpaulin and PVC material.
3. Rigging works of the metal, natural and synthetic ropes.

A little bit of history.

After the dissolution of the Pärnu’s Nautical Training School of sailors in order to retain qualified personnel, the Ministry of the Soviet navy was ordered to create department for the production of ship’s rigging, tools, equipment, rescue equipment i.e. Parnu branch of the “BTOF EMP” (Technical Base of Servicing Estonian Maritime) order nr. 146/a from 27.02.1990 Tallinn

At 24.09.1992 was issued order of Elimination of “BTOF EMP” and “BTOF EMP” Pärnu branch. And on based of “BTOF EMP” Pärnu branch from 08.19.1992 was created Beidewind ltd. The founders were former teachers of Pärnu Nautical Seaschool and employees of the “BTOF EMP” Pärnu branch who actively participate in the daily work of the firm.

Bidewind ltd is number one manufacturer of rescue equipment to vessels in Estonia and has been certified by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

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